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tearsxinxflames in reitaxaoi


Title: Half the battle
Rating: PG
Description: The tour is just starting and already Aoi knows this time will be different. Maybe this time he'll tell him how he really feels. -- I intended this as drabble.. buuuut, my mind is warped and will probably continue this story in stand alone drabbles as it progresses. I keep telling myself, "don't name them! you'll get attached!!" XD
Genre: uhh.. based in reality?
Word Count: 1568
Author: tearsxinxflames
Disclaimer: As much as I wish I did... I do not own Gazette, Reita, Aoi, their names, likenesses, ect. It's all in my little warped fangirl MIIIIIND! ^_^

It was a warm summer day in Hokkaido. Last time the group had ventured this way it had been freezing, and Reita was glad to know that the fans would not be waiting in line this time covered head to toe in blankets and fleece. It would be another five hours before they were due in to start hair and make up. With his hat drawn low to cover as much of his face as he could without obscuring his vision completely, he made a mad dash to the bus giving quick waves to the handful of fans screaming his name followed by the remaining GazettE members behind him. Two large security guards guided him on either side but stopped short of the bus door. Once into the safety of the bus Reita threw his baseball cap onto the small dining area's table. "I can't believe this many people are here at sound check already!" He breathed out a bit nervously. Ruki quickly began to rummage through a pile of clothing on his bunk, and smiled brightly upon finding an outfit that matched the exact one their drum tech was wearing. "Ah," Reita said as he tried not to notice Ruki was changing in front of all of them, again. "Going out?"

"Yeah, I need starbucks. Like, yesterday." Satisfied that he looked enough like the tech who was only a few inches taller than he, he gave a nod to the rest on his way back out to slip by the crowd.

"That actually sounds like a good idea. I wanna go too." Kai admitted.

"Well, don't leave me here with these tools." Uruha teased.

"Hey!" Reita and Aoi spat in unison looking at each other than back at their taller guitarist. Reita waved a dismissive hand and walked back to the common room of the bus to pick up from his save point on a video game.

"You two are staying?" Uruha asked somewhat disappointed.

"Eh, Ruki will sit there and people watch for a while. And if all of us are together it will be obvious." Aoi pointed out matter of factly.

"He's right." Kai nodded as he returned from changing in the miniscule enclosure they called a bathroom, "It will probably be obvious enough with just us three. But at least we'll have the cover of not arriving together since Ruki never waits for anyone." He rolled his eyes as he spoke. A moment later the duo were gone and Aoi found himself picking up his acoustic guitar and joining Reita in the other room.

"Finally, a moment of peace." He admitted sheepishly.

"Yeah." Reita said half listening, he was far too busy shooting down zombies at the moment. "Die! Die! Die!" Aoi pouted to himself and began to strum a jazzy tune. A few bars into it Reita found himself distracted by the melody and gave in, pausing his game.

"What is that? Something new?"

"Yeah, just made it up now."

"Hmmm, we should record that. I have an idea for a bass line." He smiled a bit and was about to resume his game before Aoi spoke again.

"Rei-, oh never mind."

"What?" Reita cocked his head and raised his eyebrow at the seemingly perturbed guitarist. "Something bothering you?"

"Well," Aoi smirked, "How come you rarely go out with everyone before the lives?"

"I dunno. I like the quiet? Sometimes it's good just to be alone with my thoughts." He scratched at his head, Aoi was being rather strange. "Is that what's bothering you? I mean, we see each other all the time at home."

"Oh no, well..." Aoi bit at his lip ring looking over at the blonde bassist, then turning away. Reita wondered why Aoi's cheeks were suddenly going red. "Something has just been on my mind lately. I mean. I really didn't think such a stupid thing would be effecting me. But, you and Ruki seem to be growing closer and there's been more fan service lately between you two. Is there something-" Reita cut him off with wide eyes.

"Nooooooooo. No, no, no. There's nothing going on with us. If that's what you're asking. I mean, we're friends. I've known him for a long time, and we're comfortable playing to all the Reituki fans out there. But nothing more than that." Reita was finding himself really caught off guard by the comment. Had him and Ruki gone too far with it?

"That too. The whole Reituki thing. It kind of get's to me. Probably more than it should. I mean... You don't see them coming up with cute name combis for the rest of us. Hell, they mostly put Kai with Miyavi of all people." Aoi made a confused face.

"Are you jealous that you don't have a pairing? I mean, really. That's kind of silly. If you want fan service with Ruki, it's not like I'm gonna get upset by it."

"No. That's not it. I'm not jealous that he doesn't fan service with me." Aoi realized that he would soon have to come to the point of his conversation and grew even more timid. He took a deep sigh and contemplated his words wisely. "I mean, if it were anyone. It would be you I think the fan service should be with." He tried to sound as nonchalant as possible. Reita set the game controller on the floor and turned his body so that he was now facing Aoi directly.

"You want fan service with me?" Reita tried to hide the smile the was building. Aoi was jealous that he was doing fan service with Ruki and not him. That was too cute.

"Maybe." Aoi fiddled with with his hands pretending that he simply had to push back all his cuticles at this very moment.

"Maybe, huh?" Reita prodded him further. What was this maybe business? Was there even more Aoi wasn't telling him? Reita's smile started to dissipate as he thought of the next logical thing. "Wait. This isn't just about fan service, is it?"

"Maybe." Aoi could feel his face growing redder. Damn. He had been too obvious. "Okay fine. I know it's wrong. But I've been thinking thoughts that aren't supposed to go past a certain line."

"How far past the line?" Reita's eyes were growing wider by the word.

"Well, if this is the line," Aoi grabbed Reita's game controller and set it down in front of him on the floor, then slowly took each step watching Reita's shocked expression until he was 6 steps to the opposing side of the room,"I'm over here." With this statement Aoi hung his head and could barely meet the bassist's eyes. Reita wasn't quite sure what to make of this but surely didn't want to humiliate his friend any more than he already had. He patted at the seat next to him on the plush velveteen couch.

"Come here." He'd be lying if he denied having dreams where him and Aoi were more friendly than they were supposed to be. But those were just dreams, and he'd had them about the other members of his band as well. They were all so close, surely his mind would take the 'fantasies' they portrayed on stage and run with them sometimes. Though, the idea of being with Aoi didn't completely freak him out either. Reita's internal dialogue must have been visible from Aoi's vantage point because he spoke without warning.

"I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have said anything. But at least now I don't have to be worried about every little thing I say. Or the way I act. I can go back to normal because now you know." Aoi began to leave Reita alone with his thoughts. They could reconveign the conversation another time after his friend had had time to think on it.

"You really think I'd write that off so quickly?" Reita spoke, his voice a little hurt as Aoi crossed the room's threshold. Aoi turned on his heel and leaned against the door frame. For a moment, he felt terrible putting Reita in such a position but the quaver in his voice showed that maybe his disappointment wasn't in Aoi bringing it up, but in letting it go.

"I don't want to be a bother." Aoi couldn't help the defeat showing in his voice. Reita just smirked and shook his head.

"I'm not opposed to it, you know." With Reita's words, Aoi felt a wave of relief from his nerves and smiled back. And just then, the door to the bus opened and he could hear the sing song voice of their band mate.

"Weee'reee baaaack! And we bring caffinated beverages!" Uruha said cheerfully. Reita and Aoi both looked back a bit dumbfounded. "What? Did I get whip cream on my face or something? Stop looking at me like that."

"What were you guys doing while we were gone?" Ruki asked intuitively.

"Oh, nothing." Aoi snickered, grabbing a coffee and smiling mischievously.

"You guys are weird. I better not find trash hiding in my bunk again."

Also I made 2 Reita Friends/Fiends only banners. He's so smexy.

Please comment and credit me in your user info if you're using either. ^_^



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